Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trip Report: Game 1

Whatup, y'all. Once again, I was at Game one of the series, and took some pics. Fewer fun audience pics, more warmups and stuff. Here it is:

Thomas in net to start warmups:
Thomas leaves net, bruins keep cycling and shooting:
This kid's sign says
"Kill the Canes
Go Savvy and
Kill the Canes"
Sick playoff beard, too:
Ah yes, the famous "game" goal. They really do switch them out between warmups and practice. I think it's because the warmup goals don't have water bottle holders on it:
Some more warmups:
Ryder skating by:
Savard clearing out the pucks behind the net:
The Bruins lining up for a shooting drill:
This sign is made professionally, on vinyl. For more on Stay Hungry, click that link:
The flag from game 2 last round makes another round:
And there it goes again:
Some Pre-game pump-up awesomeness:
This kid made an awesome sign:
Here's the best part:
You tell 'em, kid. All in all a great experience as always. Sorry for the crappy quality, but it's a cell phone camera. I'm hoping it's as least as great on Sunday!

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  1. Good stuff, CH. Gotta love that kid's spoked wheel rendition.