Friday, May 1, 2009


"We were just another band out of Boston..."

I was trying to think of a way to start out this post when that excellent opening lyric came to mind. But now, having found the perfect opening line, I'm getting stuck on the actual "content" part of the post. But who needs intelligent content, anyway?

Can you believe it's the second round of the playoffs already? I can't. Jeez, it was only Tuesday that the Canes were still playing in the first round. For Boston it's, what, nine days? I wonder if the layoff will have any affect on the game. Will Boston come out flat? Will the Canes come out exhausted? Will it be an offensive shootout? Will it be a one-goal, defensive game (please, no, that's why we eliminated Jersey...)

Who knows, right? All I know is that I hope that the Canes/Bruins series is like the Bob Barker beatdown of Happy Gilmore. COMPLETELY AWESOME!

EDIT: Ugh, now I realize that the video is far too wide for the post size, but I couldn't find a good quality one on YouTube, so I hope nobody minds. If you do... well, that's kind of too bad because the clip is so awesome I can't possibly take it down now. It would be offended.

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